Our Vision, Mission and Strategy


Multitudes of disciples of Jesus, in Tampa Bay and beyond, continually making disciples in healthy, multiplying communities where God is adored above all else.



Love God.

Love People.

Love People by Connecting them to God...

...in healthy, multiplying communities where people are equipped to accomplish the mission.


Who we are

We are a community of people who have experienced the Love of God the Father, through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ by the ongoing presence of His Holy Spirit. Because God the Father first loved us, we long to be like His Son Jesus. Jesus gave us a Great Commandment: to love God with all that we are and love others as we love ourselves.  So we have made loving God our number-one priority and we meet together as His adopted children to express our love for Him in worship. Jesus also gave us the Great Co-Mission: to be followers of Jesus (disciples) who make disciples of all people. Therefore we aim to be a people who love God and love others by connecting them to God. We are able to do all of this only by the presence and power of God the Holy Spirit working in and through us. 


We meet weekly in larger gatherings to Celebrate God and His great work in our midst. We meet in smaller groups during the week to connect with God, connect with each other, and connect others to God. We call these smaller gatherings Connect Groups and they are the space in which we seek to develop healthy relationships, grow and help others come to know and trust in Jesus, and multiply new groups to continue this wonderful work. This is Cellular Vision of Church because we think of these groups as multiplying, healthy cells where God’s life and salvation can impact this world. We call these multiplying cell groups Connect Groups, and we believe that this is God’s plan for Christ’s love to be made known and experienced by people throughout the world. 

We believe every believer can help lead a Connect Group. To this end we provide training in our EQUIP ministry school, and provide continual care and support our leaders in Discipleship Groups.

For more information, contact us: cornerstone@cpclutz.org