Welcome to Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, PCA!

So what is Cornerstone Presbyterian Church like?

We desire to be richly relational, not impersonal, not detached or isolated from each other in fellowship, but accountable to one another in love.  You can safely know and be known by our members and our Pastor.

We offer challenging, systematic Bible teaching to those who attend our church rather than to promote a “lowest common denominator” or “one-size-fits-all” approach to Christian doctrine.

We desire to be gratefully loyal to our Reformed, confessional heritage in an age in which some churches might choose to minimize their denominational distinctiveness.

We believe that worship should be God-centered and humbly dignified, not casual or lacking proper reverence for our Creator and Sovereign Savior.  Our primary goal is to know God as He really is, and then to make Him known to others.  We believe that the Scriptures reveal His true character in a manner sufficient for all kinds of people to know Him personally.

We desire to be a servant-hearted church in word and action for the benefit of the community around us.  As with other smaller congregations, your presence can make a larger impact.  We invite you to visit.  Your participation will make a difference.